For those in need of some holiday cheer, Shay Mitchell is here to help you out with her romantic-comedy Something From Tiffany’s.

The actress, along with Zoey Deutch and Kendrick Smith Sampson brings back the easy-breezy rom-com genre which centres around a little box from Tiffany’s. In a chat with ETimes, Shay got candid about working on the Prime Video film while pregnant with her second child, spilling the beans on her idea of an ideal proposal, and the touching reason she said, “Yes” to the film.

While she was at it, we also asked the ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ star about her possible return to India and turns out, the actress can’t wait to visit desi shores again, this time possibly for a Bollywood film and even a possible work opportunity with ‘Desi Girl’, Priyanka Chopra. Excerpts:

Shay, what is your favourite Holiday film? What made you say yes to ‘Something From Tiffany’?

Shay: My typical holiday film is normally ‘Elf’ or ‘Bad Santa’ or ‘Home Alone’, but now this one will be added to that list. I fell in love with the script. I felt it was a sweet holiday film that could be enjoyed, not just around the holiday, but all year round. I love the character of Vanessa. I think it was great and unique that she was somebody who really went after what it is that she wanted and knew what she wanted.

I also loved the fact that Zoey and Kendrick were attached to it. I had been a fan of both of them so we had a great time.

You went from starring in a thriller genre to a horror film and now a Christmas family entertainer, was this a conscious decision after becoming a mom and welcoming two baby girls?

Shay: I like to say it was, and that I was feeling very sweet. But, no! I was pregnant at the time. This movie was shot at a perfect time and in New York, which I love. I just knew I loved the script and that many people would be watching it over the holiday, including my mom. She is a big fan of holiday films and I wanted to do something that she could watch and enjoy. It was not necessarily a conscious decision, everything was just perfect at the right time.

What is your idea of an ideal proposal and since your film is all about the ring, what’s the most precious piece of jewellery that you own?

Shay: My most special piece of jewellery is definitely my grandmother’s engagement ring. Nothing will ever top that. As for myself getting engaged, and the way that it will happen, I honestly don’t know. It is not something that I think about. I am a big fan of other people’s weddings. I don’t necessarily want one for myself. But I am always excited when my girlfriends and other male friends get proposed to. It’s always fun and I love how people can come up with these unique situations.

Your character wants to move out of the big city, I remember following your shay Shaycations… which is your favourite place in the world?

Shay: I don’t know if I can choose. I really feel that every time I go somewhere, I find something beautiful about it, or something that I attach myself to. Definitely, India! I had one of the most incredible experiences I might ever have when I was in Varanasi. I shot that for my Shaycation. I watch that video on YouTube so many times, just because I had such a wonderful time there. I am also a huge fan of all things Indian, especially the food, I’m obsessed.

I also love Italy, Tokyo, and Barcelona, there are so many places I really do fall in love with every place I visit. So I can’t choose.

When can we expect to see you back in India?

Shay: I would love to shoot a Bollywood film, so I would love for somebody to reach out. Let’s do it! I love to dance… so yeah, call me!

Any Indian actor you like to work with?

Shay: There are so many! Obviously, Priyanka Chopra, but there are so many. I love Bollywood films, to be honest, I love the dancing. If I were to do a film, I would need a lot of help with my dancing, that’s the only thing. If they would feel okay training me, with some lessons, then I’ll be okay with that.

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