LUCKNOW: Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath said here on Wednesday that the ‘Ramcharitmanas’ issue was being raised by those who wanted to spoil the atmosphere in society and derail the development agenda of the state government.
Reacting on the issue for the first time in an exclusive interview with TOI, Yogi said: “Those who have nothing to contribute to the state’s development, those who had spoiled its image in the past, leaving UP’s youth with an identity crisis and people in a deplorable state, are now restless in ‘New UP’. ”


“They are raking up such useless issues to divert people’s attention from development and investment when we are about to hold the Global Investors’ Summit (GIS),” he said, referring to SP MLC Swami Prasad Maurya’s comments, calling some verses of Goswami Tulsidas’s book ‘anti-Dalit’. SP chief Akhilesh Yadav has also backed Maurya, saying that he would ask Yogi for the real meaning of the verses referred to by the former UPminister, who quit BJP to join SP just before 2022 state polls.
Asked why he doesn’t explain the real meaning of these verses to them, he said: “Explaining to those who have no understanding of a dialect and its nuances would be a waste of time”.
The CM added: “It’s a matter of intellect and understanding. One should have at least enough intellect and rationale to understand in which dialect a word has been written and what is themeaning of that word in a particular place. ”
Will he reply to Akhilesh? “I will reply to him when he needs to be replied to,” Yogi said. Meanwhile, the CM claimed that there is a sharp dip in crime graph in commissionerates. He said that this was the reason the image of the state has vastly improved in the past six years and investors are willing to come to UP.
Going by the roadshows abroad and in eight Indian cities, the CM was confident of an unprecedented response to the GIS in Lucknow. He claimed that 75% MoUs signed during the 2018 GIS had been realised.
Yogi exuded confidence that the GIS would achieve much more than Rs 10 lakh-crore target set initially. “We have crossed that target much earlier during our roadshows. This is one government which does what it says. After the first investors’ summit, unlike any other government, we have been able to hold three ground-breaking events despite two years of Covid pandemic,” he said.
One major aspect of investment in the state in the past six years is that it has been evenly spread, unlike in the past when it would remain concentrated in the NCR region, the CM said, adding: “This time, special attention has been given to each district.
All 75 of them are getting investment proposals and during the summit, they will remain connected.”Claiming a sharp dip in crime graph, he said that this was the reason the image of the state has vastly improved in the past six years and investors are willing to come to UP. Elaborating on the challenges he faced before starting the police commissionerate system, he said: “We were of the clear view that there should be one person taking decision during a crisis and diffusing it, and the system has really worked.”
“According to the NCRB data, there has been a sharp dip in the crime graph in the four commissionerates that had been constituted earlier. So, we set up three more commissionerates,” he added.
On the much-talked-about bulldozers, he said: “We have taken action within the framework of law against any mafia or criminal who has challenged the government or people’s safety and security. Bulldozer action is for professional criminals and mafia, and not for the common man.”
The CM said UP’s upcoming budget would represent the expectations of 25 crore people of the state. “It will certainly have glimpses of the efforts that have been put in the past four years towards making UP a one-trillion-dollar economy as has been the wish of Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” he added.

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