At least nine people lost their lives on Tuesday due to the thick fog that covered much of north and central India and caused problems on the roads. The fog caused disruptions and hazardous driving conditions leading to the deaths.
As we are currently experiencing foggy conditions, it is important for those operating vehicles to keep the following 15 points in the mind:

  1. If possible, avoid driving
  2. Use fog lights and drive at low speed
  3. Do not change lanes and avoid overtaking
  4. Use low beam headlights as high beams reflect off the moisture droplets in fog making visibility difficult
  5. Follow roadside blinkers, where available
  6. Maintain sufficient distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead
  7. Turn on your car heater as fog outside will cause condensation inside
  8. Keep your vehicle’s windscreen and windows clean
  9. Ensure your vehicle’s light indicators are working
  10. Blow horn repeatedly, especially while changing lanes and at turns
  11. Do not stop your vehicle in the middle of the road in case of no visibility; pull over to the side of the road
  12. Turn on your vehicle’s emergency flashers and low beam headlights on
  13. Do not apply sudden brakes to avoid a rear vehicle hitting you
  14. Do not drink and drive
  15. Drive closer to the kerb

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