LUCKNOW: Vijay Laxmi, almost gave birth to her daughter twice, as she donated 30% of her liver to her three-year-old daughter Sanraksha, suffering from end stage liver disease followed by viral hepatitis.
While the life-saving surgery was successfully performed at Medanta Hospital about a month ago, on Friday the doctors declared both the mother and the daughter fine, after a follow-up check-up. The hospital claimed that Sanraksha became the youngest baby to undergo liver transplant in UP.
It was in November that Vijay Laxmi came to know that her three-year-old daughter’s liver is failing due to acute viral hepatitis and she could be saved only if a transplant is carried out.
“Being an only child, how could I see her dying? So, I immediately agreed to donate a part of my liver,” said Vijay Laxmi who had to sell a plot to arrange Rs 20 lakh for the surgery.
Her daughter was brought to Medanta hospital for surgery on ventilator support. “But, when she opened her eyes post-surgery and recognised us, we cried for an hour in joy,” said her father Sunil Kumar.
Dr AS Soin, chairman, Medanta Institute of Liver Transplantation, said, “There was an urgency to conduct the procedure within 24 hours of admission on November 19. As the child’s brain responses were sinking rapidly. In case of delay, her brain could be damaged permanently.” Lead surgeon, Dr Amit Nath Rastogi, said, “We rushed her into the operating room around midnight. A team of over 30 doctors and support staff worked for 7 hours for the procedure.”

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