DEHRADUN: Corbett National Park, among the country’s oldest national parks, is all set to train villagers in and around the park to make products which will be sold as “original souvenirs from Corbett.”
Also, all the products will have a trademark logo of Corbett on them, which authorities say will lend authenticity to these souvenirs that pertain to tigers, leopards and elephants, the predominant wildlife in the park.
The Corbett administration has submitted its logo for trademark registration. Over 300 villagers are expected to attend the training being held at Saveldeh village inside the national park, starting Friday. Officials said that the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has also given clearance to set up bamboo outlets at the entry gate and other points in the park to sell the souvenirs.
‘The idea is to generate income for the villagers’
The villagers chosen for the training are members of eco-tourism committees of Corbett who reside in and around the national park, and thus are most vulnerable to attacks by wild animals. We have started a weeklong capacity building training too. The idea is to generate income for the villagers as well,” said director of Corbett, Dheeraj Pandey.
Incidentally, despite being among the country’s oldest national parks, Corbett’s logo was not registered yet. This led to piracy as many shops were selling products with a ‘Corbett logo’, claiming them to be made by local villagers. Once the logo is registered, the piracy market can be checked, claimed officials. They added that if the villagers are able to earn enough through this activity, it will also help in conservation since villagers who used to get into poaching to earn money will refrain from doing so.

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