LUCKNOW: At least 32 trains and dozen flights were delayed or cancelled in city on Wednesday due to poor weather.
While NR Lucknow reported 13 trains running behind schedule, NER Lucknow division reported 19 trains, including 11 at Aishbagh and eight at Lucknow junction, running late due to fog.
Trains like Dehradun-Gorakhpur express (15006) was delayed by nine hours and 40 minutes, Nauchandi express (14512) was running late by eight hours, Gorkhdham express (12556) more than four hours, Amarnath express (15098) was late by five hours.
A total of 12 flights including six each arrival and departure were delayed including for Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and Ahemdabad. Six flights arrival from Bengaluru, Mumbai, Goa and Delhi too were late.

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