LUCKNOW: Investigation into the clandestine meetings of jailed SBSP MLA Abbas Ansari and his wife Nikhat Bano inside the Chitrakoot prison have revealed that these meetings took place regularly between 11am and 3pm.
This was the time when there was no power supply in the area due to which CCTV cameras did not work. Police are now investigating if the power cuts were in accordance with any scheduled rostering or these were also ‘influenced’.
The revelation came to light during the scanning of digital video recorder (DVR) attached to the CCTV cameras installed at the Chitrakoot jail. It was found that DVR did not have any footage between 11am and 3pm and there was nothing to establish that the meetings were taking place on a daily basis for the last 45 days.
“Police are trying to establish if the power cuts were a part of any scheduled rostering or a result of any influence from Abbas and his men. We are trying to confirm if the power cut was only in the area around the prison or covered a larger area,” an official said.

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