Lucknow: SP chief Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesday said that after depriving the OBC of reservation, the BJP will one day strip Dalits of their reservation rights too. He called upon the OBCs and the Dalits to join SP in its fight to save the right to reservations.
“Today BJP’s design to end reservations for the OBCs enshrined in the Constitution of India has been exposed. Now they are shedding crocodile tears to show that they are sympathetic towards the backwards,” Akhilesh said.
“By selling airports, railways, shipyards and other government units to corporates, the BJP has ended reservations in these specific sections as private organisations do not come under the ambit of the reservation policy. Now they want to end reservation in government services as well. Such an approach towards backwards and Dalits will not go down well with the people” Akhilesh said.
Party’s secretary general Ram Gopal Yadav tweeted, “The UP government, as a part of a conspiracy, concealed the truth by not placing the complete facts before the court. Almost 60% of the state’s population has been deprived of reservations. OBC ministers are mum on the issue. Maurya (deputy CM) is like a bonded labourer.”
Party veteran Shivpal Yadav said, “We will have to lead an agitation to ensure that reservation is left untouched. Even if it requires to launch an agitation bigger than the one launched to seek reservations”.
OBCs will punish BJP, says Maya
BSP chief Mayawati said the OBC community in the state will punish the BJP government for their mistake. “UP government should have followed the directions of the SC with full honesty and accountability to work out the OBC reservations on time using the triple test system before finalising the election process,” she tweeted, adding that the OBC ‘samaj’ will punish BJP for this mistake. She also said that the HC order exposes the anti-OBC and the anti-reservation mindset and thinking of the BJP.
Need to remove flaws in reservation system: Nishad Party
The HC order made it clear that there are discrepancies in reservations and there is a need to remove them, said national president of Nishad Party Sanjay Nishad. He said the party is consulting the experts in the legal wing on the HC on OBC reservation and, if need be, the party will file a petition in the SC so that ‘machhua’ (riverine) community and other sections of people could get the benefits of reservation.
AAP to protest if BJP announces polls without quota
AAP MP Sanjay Singh said that if BJP tried to hold elections without OBC reservation, then his party would take to the streets in protest. The MP, who is also the party’s state in-charge, said that the court order made it clear that BJP was anti-OBC and anti-Dalit. “They should have followed the Constitutional procedure to determine the reservation by forming a commission and carrying out a survey. However, they purposely brought in a senseless and unconstitutional reservation which was naturally challenged in court and set aside by the bench. If they had only followed the procedure, then the backward community would have been given its due rights,” he said.

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