LUCKNOW: Considering the ‘heinous’ nature of offence, the Lucknow bench of Allahabad high court has turned down the bail plea of a 29-year-old Balrampur resident accused of killing his wife and disposing her body parts after stuffing it into a suitcase in July 2020.
In view of the allegations, the heinous nature of the offence and the evidence available on record, there is no good reason to grant bail to the accused Samir Khan, said Justice Dinesh Kumar Singh in his order passed last week.
As per the prosecution, Sameer was working at a meat shop in Mumbai where he came into contact with a girl named Ayesha.
The two got romantically inclined to each other and got married in 2017.
As Covid-induced lockdown shut the shop Samir was working at in 2020, he came to his village in Balrampur without Ayesha as he had not informed his family about his marriage in Mumbai.
In his statement to police, Samir said that he got suspicious of his wife’s ‘character’ whenever he used to call her on mobile, it was found busy. On June 25, 2020 he called his wife to Lucknow and started living with her in the Indira Nagar area which he had just purchased.
On July 5, 2020, he had a quarrel with his wife following which he hit her with a rod which proved fatal. He then chopped her body into six pieces and kept them in a suitcase. Samir took the suitcase to Safedabad Barabanki on Lucknow-Ayodhya Road and disposed it. Police recovered the suitcase containing the body part on July 7, 2020. Almost 40 days after this, police were able to identify the body and apprehended Samir for questioning. After sustained interrogation, he confessed to his crime and helped police recover the knife and the car used in the crime.

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