LUCKNOW: The first phase of the Ayodhya airport will have night and fog landing facility, meaning the airport would be functional 365 days and round the clock for tourists and dignitaries visiting the temple town.
To enable the night and fog landing facility, an 848-metre-long threshold is being added to the 2,200-metre-long runway.
Speaking to TOI, engineering in-charge of Ayodhya airport, Rajeev Kulshrestha, said, “For night landing ,we have introduced IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) and CAT-1 (Category I is an operation of precision instrument approach and landing based on the Decision Height and the Runway Visual Range) for landing during fog. Therefore, an 848-meter-long threshold has been created from Naka flyover side which is in addition to the 2,200-metre-long runway.”
The airport is likely to be operational by the last quarter of 2023, after Ayodhya Airport Authority receives licence from DGCA which often takes upto three months. “We expect to complete the civil and electrical work of the airport by March 31, after which we will apply for the licence to operate,” said Kulshrestha.
According to the state government, more than 45 % of construction of the terminal building and 62% of the runway has been completed.
“Under the first phase, there is sufficient provision for parking three Airbus a320 aircraft at a time and taxing of two aircraft. The airport will be able handle operations of ATR-72 and Bombardier private jets,” Kulshrestha told TOI.
He added, “The airport is being developed in three phases on 821 acres of land. However, the district administration is yet to acquire 20 acres of the total land, and further lease agreement of 317 acre land is in pipeline. The construction of phase 2 has already begun.”

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