KANPUR: A bride in Unnao’s Safipur area refused to marry a man as he turned up drunk at the wedding. A class XII passed out girl hailing from Safipur area of Unnao, was to get married to a youth, a resident of Kanpur on Tuesday.
After the arrival of the wedding procession, the bride’s family and the bride and the groom reached the stage for the garland ceremony, when the bride noticed that the groom was staggering. Shocked to see her groom drunk, she refused to go on with the ceremony and she walked off in a huff.
Soon, elderly members of both sides tried hard to convince the bride, but she remained adamant and said,”What is the future of a man who could not stay away from alcohol on his marriage day.”
After that, the matter reached the police station, where both the parties agreed to return the cash and valuables exchanged during pre marriage rituals. Station House Officer Safipur Avneesh Singh said that a mutual settlement has been made between the two sides. “The two sides have agreed to return gifts exchanged between them earlier,” he said.

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