LUCKNOW: Campaigning in poll-bound Gujarat, UP CM Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday attacked both the Congress and AAP alike. “Congress brings curfews, riots, and hooliganism and AAP is its carbon copy,” said Yogi while addressing election rallies in Dwarka, Kutch and Morbi areas.
Both AAP and Congress cannot promote prosperity and therefore voters should not support it, he said while adding, “The AAP ruined Delhi and are playing with the lives of youths.
During Covid-19, they were messing with the public and spreading chaos.” He cited how the Congress objected when Sardar Patel decided to take on the responsibility of renovating the Somnath Temple and when the BJP spoke out in favour of the Ram Mandir project.
Taking a jibe at Congress, Yogi said, “Out of 403 seats in UP, Congress has won only two seats. Even when a person dies, at least four people are needed to carry him to cremation ground.”
‘National temple’ will have Ram Lalla enthroned by 2023′
Terming Gujarat as the “land of inspiration”, Yogi said that the state has provided leadership in the times of crisis. He cited the example of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Dayanand Saraswati and Mahatma Gandhi who were from Gujarat. “The state gave the nation a PM like Narendra Modi,” he said.
Mentioning about the tragic bridge collapse in Morbi, Yogi said, “Morbi has a history of overcoming difficulties time and again. Morbi tells a new story of liveliness. PM Modi expressed sympathy to the victim’s family. The double engine government extended support to these families.”
He said that the development work in Gujarat was being carried out in the name of PM Narendra Modi. “He is always concerned about Gujarat. Most of the development in Gujarat happened only after Modi became the CM,” he claimed.
Highlighting the development made by the country under Modi, Yogi said, “India has defeated the United Kingdom which ruled it for 200 years to become the fifth largest economy of the world and is leading the G20 group of 20 most powerful nations that control 80% of the world’s resources.”
Reiterating that the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya was progressing fast, Yogi said that the ‘national temple’ will have ‘Ram Lalla’ enthroned by the end of 2023.
“Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh share a lot of similarities. Kanha and Lord Swami Narayan arrived here from UP,” remarked the CM.

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