LUCKNOW: The state government has ordered screening of convicts of petty crimes, but good conduct and old inmates abandoned by their families to set them free on the directions of chief minister Yogi Adityanath.
The process will include those sentenced to serve less than seven years of jail for crimes which they had confessed to have committed and pleaded mercy.
It will also include inmates who have not received any visitors since the last 12 months and are deemed to have been abandoned by their families.
The prison department is preparing a list of undertrial prisoners lodged in 62 jails and Bandi Nari Niketan in the state.
A senior official said that it will reduce the number of undertrial prisoners to a minimum.
He said officials of the prison department have been given instructions to provide a list of prisoners with less than a seven-year sentence in each jail. They have been asked to offer suggestions. The files of such prisoners have been sought at the headquarters.
A list of trade-wise trained prisoners has been sought from the superintendents of all jails in the state.
According to jail officials, all prisoners lodged in jails are not professional criminals.
Therefore it’s important to treat them with humanity so they can walk out with a better thought process and skills so that they can rejoin the mainstream of the society.

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