MEERUT: Citing insufficient attendance of students in classes, Deoband-based Islamic seminary Darul Uloom has directed the students’ families to plan marriages in their houses only when the seminary is closed for holidays. This latest directive comes days after the seminary had banned all commercial activities undertaken by students inside or outside its premises.
Education department head, Hussain Ahmad, on Friday, said, “If families feel the students’ presence is important in marriages, they must plan the weddings when the seminary is shut for holidays, otherwise it affects their studies a lot. Significantly, there is a provision of at least 75% attendance.”
The order has been put up on the seminary bulletin board. Students have also been asked to discuss with their guardians the “academic benefits behind the directives”. The same education department of Darul had earlier issued an order prohibiting students from carrying out part-time businesses or else “facilities such as education grants, free food and lodging will be immediately suspended and they may even face expulsion from the seminary”.

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