LUCKNOW : Alambagh and adjoining Shardanagar have reported the most number of dengue cases since October. They are followed by Aliganj, Indiranagar, and Hazratganj. In fact, nearly half of the total cases in the city were recorded in these five areas.
According to the data released by the health department, these localities recorded 820 cases from October 1 to November 23, taking the total number of cases since then to 1,671.
The breakdown of the data shows that Alambagh and Shardanagar together reported 255 cases as it comes under Chandernagar community health centre (CHC), followed by Aliganj (231), Indiranagar (195) and Hazratganj (139).


Health officials said in some areas the reasons for the spike are vacant plots and terrace gardens. Accumulated water intrays behind refrigerators and coolers are another cause for the spike. In other areas, stagnant water in discarded items like tyres, tubes and coconut shells have caused infection.
Dr Ritu Srivastava, district malaria officer, said, “Chandernagar localities have been reeling with most dengue cases because these areas have developed recently. People here have made small gardens on their roofs where they do not clean the accumulated waters and it becomes breeding ground for the mosquitoes. ”
“Also, our team conducted asurvey and found that there was stagnant water in many vacant plots and that could be the reason behind the spike,”she said.
“In some areas, the reason for the spike is due to people not cleaning accumulated water in coolers and trays behind refrigerators,” said Ritu.

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