LUCKNOW: “La Martiniere La Martiniere, my school my home my pride; given to us by visionaries, our heritage, our joy.”
Reciting this couplet written by her as a kid Yvonne Lara Bennett (1998 batch) shared her memories about the days she spent in the school, during the annual reunion dinner jointly hosted by La Martiniere Girls’ Alumni Association and La Martiniere Alumni on Saturday. Around 400 alumni attended the event.

Ex-Martinians reunite, relive school days

Former students of the school click selfies and greet each other at the event on Saturday

Rashmi Sinha (1983), said the ice cream bars she used to buy for 50 paisa after the school is the first memory that pops in her mind as soon as she is reminded of the school. “Co-curricular activities like the SUPW classes where I learnt sewing is something I use even today,” she added.
“The annual concerts and sports day were fun but what were more exciting was to finish our lunch boxes even before lunch,” said dentist Avni Bhasin (2007). Her friends Ritika and Gulshia shared the same emotion.

Ex-Martinians reunite, relive school days

Every time Mona Pant Tolani missed her school she ended up singing the school song ‘Martinear Martinear sing a little louder, Martinear took my heart away and loves you so dear’. “I still remember how we used to study near the washrooms for the exams after the light in the rooms went off,” she said. Hitesh Keswani (2006), developed a taste for music after being influenced by teachers Roy Robinson and Alister Freese. “I was introduced to disc jockeying by Robinson and later I earned enough money to pay my college fee with that,” he said. Hotelier Panchali Mahendra (2003) and politician and actor Lav Bhargava (1970) were felicitated.

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