LUCKNOW: The owner of a pharmaceutical company accused the owners of two firms engaged in manufacturing and sale of medicines/ointment for copying his product’s name and denting his market goodwill in Aashiana on Sunday.
Those named in the case of violation of the Copyright Act and for forgery and criminal breach of trust and tampering of official documents were identified as Gopal Kishan Agrawal, Mudit Kumar Agarwal of the company and their staff and owner of a pharmaceutical company.
In his complaint, Pawan Kumar Shukla of Sector I in Aashiana said he was the coordinator of the pharmaceutical company which dealt in sale and purchase of medicines and used its brand name in the sale of the bio products.
“The company has got several medicines/ointments registered/trademarked from the medicine/drug department and has the right to sell these products by the company only,” he said.
Shukla said his company manufactured an ointment in the trademark of his company from an Uttarakhand based company and did a business of around Rs 1 crore between 2018 and 2020.
“Later we cancelled the manufacturing contract with the Uttarakhand-based company. The director of the company Gopal Kishan and Mudit promised us that they had destroyed the packaging for the products as per the contract,” he said.
Shukla said he came to know from the employees of his company posted in Uttarakhand that some persons were selling the same products in the retail market with the company’s trademark.
“We found that the Uttarakhand-based company was getting the product manufactured by another company and was selling the same,” he alleged. Shukla said he inquired about the same from Agrawal’s and was given a threat. DCP East Prachi Singh said that a probe was being conducted in the case.

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