LUCKNOW: In a meeting to review preparations for hosting G20 events over the next one-year, chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday said that the event should be used as a platform to introduce ‘Brand UP’ to the world.
The local cultures of the four cities which will be hosting events – Varanasi, Lucknow, Agra and Greater Noida – should become their theme. For instance, Awadh culture would become the theme for Lucknow, Braj culture for Agra, and Rangotsav and Ganga culture for Varanasi.
The CM said that pictures depicting the state’s culture should be displayed on walls along the tour route for the guests in all four cities, focussing on India’s Yoga tradition which can be displayed through different postures of the Surya Namaskar.
“Arrangements should be made according to the standard of security of foreign visitors. Necessary arrangements should be made regarding medical emergencies, traffic etc. The guests should be introduced to the diverse food cuisines available in UP,” the CM said.
Focusing on sprucing the four cities ahead of the meetings, the CM said that they should all have attractive lighting at heritage sites. To be able to host G20 summits in the state is a historic opportunity. To make it unforgettable and unparalleled, a G20 Park should be established in Lucknow, he said.
The CM directed the home department to make arrangements for security for all delegates. As part of the strategy, a liaison officer should be deployed with each delegate.
The liaison officers should be properly trained. Security arrangements should be made keeping in mind all kinds of external and internal threats, the CM said and added that cybercrime should also be monitored. Asking officials to take guidance from the Centre for better surveillance, intelligence inputs etc, the CM also said that fire safety should also be ensured.
The CM also said that the G-20 logo should be used at every government event and correspondence of the state government, along with public transport and local establishments.
In addition to this, officials have been directed to put together the state’s legacy of art, culture, history, and archaeology and present it on the G-20 platform, along with the state’s economy, industrial development etc.
Saying that the conferences would be successful only with wide public participation, the CM directed concerned departments to encourage participation of youth. For this, the government will be organising special discussions on G-20 in universities, painting exhibitions, book fairs, yoga challenges, craft fairs, dance and music competitions at the school level.
The CM said that the occasion is also a good opportunity for upgrading city infrastructure and beautification and special attention must be paid to cleanliness.
A week before a programme is to be held in the four cities, a special cleanliness campaign should be organised.
Besides, the cities must be made plastic free.

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