LUCKNOW: An IAS officer’s son was duped of over Rs 7 lakh after being offered a part-time job over a link in a message on his mobile phone from an unidentified mobile number.
Vipul Kumar Sahi of Vijyant Khand got the link through an app and was offered Rs 1,500-3,000 per day for the part-time job and he fell for the click bait.
As soon as he clicked the message, he was asked to complete a task and was given Rs 11,000 as reward.
He was then introduced to a team and was asked to complete five tasks after depositing Rs 11,000.
He was given a UPI ID and he transferred Rs 11,000 for which he got Rs 18,000 in his bank account. He then deposited Rs 32,000 as a second task and got Rs 38,000 credited in his bank account.
Encouraged by the credits of money in his bank account in lieu of investment, Vipul deposited a total of Rs 7.43 lakh by paying Rs 11,000, Rs 55,674, Rs 50,724 and then again Rs 50,724, Rs 2,09,421 and Rs 3,66,231 on January 4 and January 5.
Vipul was asked to pay another Rs 5.83 lakh to complete the task. “Now it dawned upon me that they had cheated me. I told them that I had no money left with me to deposit and asked them to refund the money, but they did not,” he said.
SHO Vibhuti Khand, Ram Singh said that they have registered a case and a probe is underway.

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