LUCKNOW: Inadequate management of waste generated in the city over the years has resulted in a pile-up of a huge mountain of garbage, as high as a four-storey building, in 30 acres of land along Mohan Road near Lucknow Municipal Corporation’s (LMC) solid waste treatment plant in Shivri.
The site reeks with foul smell 24X7 and is polluting the air, soil and groundwater of the area. Besides, a tragedy is waiting to happen as a mound weighing over 20 lakh metric tonnes and measuring over 40 feet in height can slide anytime like it did in Delhi’s Ghazipur area in 2017, killing two people, and causing four vehicles to fall into a drain.
LMC blamed Eco-Green Limited, the private company hired for solid waste management (SWM) in the city, for the mismanagement. However, the company held LMC responsible for not paying dues on time.
“The machines in the plant meant for processing waste are lying defunct most of the time because of either technical issues or pending electricity bills, resulting in formation of the garbage mound,” said Sanjeev Pradhan, environment engineer, LMC.
“At present, over 20 lakh metric tonnes of garbage is lying over there,” he said.
“About 2,000 metric tonnes of the waste is generated in the city daily and the plant has the capacity of processing 1,800 metric tonnes daily if it runs at full capacity, but currently it is processing on an average 1,200 metric tonnes daily,” he added.
A senior officer of ECO-Green Limited said that LMC does not pay the company in time which affects its work. “We have spent more than Rs 337 crore since March 2017, but LMC has paid only Rs 200 crore so far,” he said on the condition of anonymity.
Municipal Commissioner Inderjit Singh, however, denied that the company is not being paid timely. “Despite payment for the services and several warnings to improve functioning, the company never ran the plant in its full capacity. Therefore, we have recommended the Urban Development Department to cancel its contract and hire another company for door-to-door garbage collection in the city and treatment of the waste,” he said. The plant has five ballistic and trommel machines to compress, segregate waste for producing inert Reuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and compost. The inert is used for landfill, RDF is given to cement companies and compost is used in farming

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