VARANASI: Experts and professionals participating in the academic session on Indian knowledge systems organised as a part of the month-long Kashi Tamil Sangamam on Friday said India is a land of great knowledge and it is this great strength that has made the country triumph despite vagaries of time.
The discussion saw the experts from diverse fields share their views in detail. Historian, author and co-founder of Bharat Gyan, DK Hari said: “There is a sense of hesitancy despite the fact that Indians come from an intellectually and spiritually rich civilization. There is an urgent need to instill confidence and sense of pride among people. It is largely because of the influence of western thought that Indians have started losing confidence.”
Speaking about Kashi Tamil Sangamam, he said the programme is a very important opportunity to restore this lost sense of pride. “Kashi Tamil Sangamam is a Kumbh of knowledge and it is facilitating people to take a dip in the sea of knowledge,” said Hari.
The renowned master craftsman in Bronze casting, D Shrikanta Stapathy spoke on the theme of Indian Knowledge Systems in material sciences.
He spoke about the main types of metal craftsmanship in Tamil Nadu like the Chola, Pallava and Pandian and highlighted the uniqueness of Chola form. He highlighted the Vastu texts on sculpture with reference to the Cholas as to how uniquely and finely they were crafted.
A retired chief engineer (PWD) of Tamil Nadu, Ashokan Somasundaram discussed the Chola style engineering and water management in Kallanai Dam highlighting the ancient technology and knowledge India possessed in this area too. The dam was built by Chola King Karikalan in the 2nd century on the Cauvery River. He said the Tamils have excelled in water management since ancient times and the dam is an example. Kallanai is the oldest dam in India and is still in operation today. In 1883, the dam was reconstructed by the British rulers and named as Grand Anicut.
An author and retired banker Soma Valliappan covered the theme of Indian knowledge systems in public administration. Director of Raghavendra Hospital, S Ramaswmay Pillai discussed Indian knowledge system in Siddha Medicine.
Prof Gyaneshwar Choubey of BHU , made a presentation on DNA ancestry of Kashi and Tamil Nadu.

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