LUCKNOW: The New Year in the city was brought in with a louder cheer this time. The figures collected by the excise department show increased demand for liquor was registered on the New Year eve compared to the previous year.
According to excise officers, the sale of liquor went up by 15%. The department estimates sale of liquor generated Rs 7 crore to Rs 8 crore of income for retailers, the record daily transaction volume recorded in Lucknow in 2022.
District excise officer SK Mishra said, “It takes some time to tabulate the total sales in the entire district. But provisional figures reveal on December 31 of 2022 the value of the total liquor sold in the city was around Rs 7 crore to Rs 8 crore. It has been the highest amount recorded last year and compared to December 31, 2021, the demand was higher by 15%.”
Country liquor was top choice
The sale of country liquor recorded the highest sales while more demand for beer and English wine was also felt. “It was surprising to see high sales of beer this New Year eve. People wanted to keep all options available at their party. Earlier, we have not seen so much demand for beer in December,” said Devesh Jaiswal, owner of a beer shop located in Narahi, who is also spokesperson of the UP liquor traders welfare association.

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