LUCKNOW: Old memories came alive during the annual alumni meet of the King George’s Medical University at Atal Bihari Convention Centre on Sunday.
Besides making rounds on the campus and taking photographs and selfies, senior doctors interacted with the new entrants and shared their memories of campus days amid laughter.
All corners of the convention centre reverberated with the music, dance and laughs.
Some were seen gossiping about the funniest moments of their college days while some laughed at the ragging they faced.”Dr Manju Shukla from the 1965 batch said, “I recall when we faced ragging by our seniors. We had to stand on the lawn and count the stars. It was funny as we used to count stars for hours. Ragging was not torturous at that time. Our seniors helped us whenever we needed it.”
“Once during a ragging bid, I was directed to drink 12 glasses of water without a stop, which I completed,” said R Pradhan from the 1963 batch.
“I still remember the day when I and my friends were watching girls in the TG hostel, but suddenly it caught the eye of the warden, and everybody began laughing at us,” said PK Sharma from the 1971 batch.

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