LUCKNOW: Reading newspapers and taking mock tests are a must for aspirants to crack the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT), according to candidates from the city who cleared the national level entrance test, on Friday.
Manas Nigam, a Vikasnagar resident who bagged the all India rank (AIR) 59, said: “I made sure to read editorials every day that helped me develop a better understanding of not just legal issues but societal, environmental, political, medical and other aspects as well. This habit helped me perform better in the general knowledge section of CLAT.”
“My father, Manish Nigam, who is a lawyer in the high court is my inspiration. I made sure to be consistent with my preparations and included mock tests in my daily preparation routine. I aspire to work as a corporate lawyer for a law firm as it is a lucrative and attractive profession,” he added.
Krishna Agarwal, a Chowk resident who bagged AIR 257, said that newspaper reading was the most essential part of preparation. “Anyone who wants to make a career in the legal field should read newspapers. It strengthens one’s comprehension skills, reading, debating skills and general knowledge,” he added.
“I solved as many mock tests as I could. I want to see myself as a corporate lawyer,” he said. Similar sentiments were shared by Avantika Singh, Aman Singh, Anushree Sarkar and others.

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