LUCKNOW: First-year law students of Dr Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University (RMNLU) have lodged a ragging complaint with the University Grants Commission (UGC) helpline against their seniors. A copy of the complaint letter went viral on social media on Monday.
In their complaint, juniors have named five second-year, two third-year and one fourth-year students along with other seniors residing in university’s boy’s hostel for allegedly harassing them both mentally and physically.
Students have asked university officials to check CCTV footage of the hostels’ ground floor as evidence. The letter was forwarded to the university by the UGC on November 14 after which it ordered a probe and issued a show cause notice to all those named in the letter.
The letter read: “This is an anonymous complaint on behalf of many first-year students of Dr Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow. We are constantly being ragged even though we have our exams in a few days.” Students alleged that the second-year students forcefully enter their respective rooms and rag them. They make them cook, fill up their water campers and clean their rooms. Also, seniors make them stand in the balcony for hours during the night and don’t allow them to roam freely in the hostel and are made to eat in the hostel mess even when they are sick.
“They shout at us, ask us to remove our T-shirts, drink one litre of water in one go, eat in mess only and not take plates in our room even if we are sick. We do the work due to fear of being hurt both physically and mentally as well as boycott. There are some third and fourth-year students also who join them,” the letter said.
When contacted RMNLU chief proctor KA Pandey said: “The complaint was forwarded to us by the UGC and the university immediately ordered a probe into the matter. Show cause notices were issued to all those named.”
He said “Replying to the notices, all those named have denied their involvement hence we are scanning the CCTV footage of the hostels’ ground floor. We are scanning all footages of the last week. This is a bit time taking. If we get any evidence, strict action will be taken against all those involved.”

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