LUCKNOW: Aditya Tiwari, the Class 9 student, who was found critically injured near railway tracks at Khargapur in Gomtinagar Extension on Wednesday and is battling for life at the Medanta Hospital, had allegedly attempted suicide apparently due to fear of getting embarrassed before his parents after a poor score in class tests.
“Aditya’s father Umesh Tiwari, a retired army personnel, visited the school and spoke to teachers on Thursday. He learnt that the class tests were held in the last week of October and the result was declared on November 11, but the boy did not show the result to parents,” said the boy’s cousin Pushkar.
To verify if Aditya attempted suicide or was attacked by someone, the father also visited the spot where his son was found unconscious with multiple head and limb injuries and his school uniform soaked in blood. He spoke to the railway gateman who identified Aditya’s photograph and said he had seen the boy roaming around the tracks. A passenger and a goods train passed from the track during that period and minutes later locals spotted Aditya in a pool of blood.
A note was also recovered from Aditya’s pocket in which he had written an apology to his class teacher for committing a ‘mistake’ and promising not to repeat it. School’s spokesman Hari Om Sharma told TOI that Aditya is a good student but his marks were low in the test.
“The class teacher informed school authorities that he had blocked her phone number in his father’s mobile apparently to stop the teacher from speaking to his father. When the teacher got to know about this, Aditya was counselled and asked to write down that he will not repeat the mistake. The class teacher was also supposed to visit his house on Wednesday to meet the parents,” he said.
However, Pushkar said the family is not sure whether Aditya had blocked the phone number of his teacher. “We will only be able to comment after he is able to speak,” he said.
Medanta hospital spokesperson Alok Khanna said Aditya sustained severe injuries on head and face and multiple limb fractures. “He also has swelling in the brain. We are waiting for him to regain consciousness to proceed further,” he said. Friends of Aditya, who is also a national level taekwondo player, visited the hospital and prayed for his speedy recovery on Thursday.

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