LUCKNOW: An Indiranagar-based businessman was duped of Rs 13 lakh via a Chinese app in Lucknow. The victim was first lured over social media with the promise of a double profit on investment by a Chinese woman.
The woman had shown him how other customers who invested in her scheme got six times profit, telling him that she would convert his money into ‘cryptocurrency’, giving him a huge yield. “I was given a link on WhatsApp by the Chinese woman and asked to download an app. Thereafter, she asked me to transfer money from my bank account and connect it to the app. I was also shown a profit sheet authorized by an Indian firm to make it appear genuine,” said the victim, who wished not to be named.
The victim said that he was promised huge gains after all his cash is converted into ‘cryptocurrency’. “As soon as I transferred the money via that app from my account it got blocked,” he added. “The woman blocked my number and further there was no communication. Thereafter, I informed the police,” he said.
SP cyber cell, Triveni Singh said that in such a fraud the money gets converted into cryptocurrency and transferred to China under the garb of business transactions carried out using shell companies.

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