DEHRADUN: The mutilated body of a man, apparently killed by a tiger, was found by a joint search operation team of Ramnagar Forest division and Corbett Tiger Reserve on Tuesday.
Forest authorities are claiming that the man was mentally unstable and was seen roaming in the area on Monday. The matter came to light after locals saw some unattended items lying on the road, alarmed by it, they informed the authorities and a search operation was initiated. However, owing to darkness in the forest, the search operation was called off and resumed on Tuesday.
“The body was found in the Kosi range of Ramnagar Forest Division adjacent to Corbett Tiger Reserve with one leg missing. The DNA sample has been collected for identification, and the tiger is being traced,” Kundan Kumar, DFO, Ramnagar Forest Division.
Meanwhile, the chief wildlife warden has given orders to either trap or tranquillise the man-eater.
According to Corbett tiger cell, there is significant presence and movement of tigers from Sarapduli range and Mandal range of Corbett Tiger Reserve to Kosi range of Ramnagar forest division due to shared borders. Considering that the area is sensitive and attacks on villagers have occurred in the past too, especially when they pass through the tiger trails unknowingly, pedestrians and two-wheelers have been instructed to pass through in groups cautiously.

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