LUCKNOW: A huge crater was created in the middle of the road after a portion on the stretch caved in at Lohia Nagar in Vikasnagar on Monday morning, moments after a city bus carrying over three dozen passengers passed from the spot.
The crater – about 10 feet radius and 20 feet deep – was big enough for a small car to sink in.
The road comes under the jurisdiction of the Public Works Department (PWD) and is the main connecting route to all the eight sectors of Vikas Nagar with a population of over 10,000 people. The spot was later barricaded for repairs which will take at least seven days.
Locals said that it was the third such instance in the area in the past three years and blamed civic authorities for poor construction work. However, civic agencies claimed that leakages in the underground sewage lines have eroded the soil below the road creating a vacuum.
As a result, the surface collapsed when a heavy vehicle came from over it.
“The incident happened around 9am, soon after a city bus passed from over the spot. We were shocked to see the road collapsing as if there was an earthquake or bomb explosion. Luckily no other vehicle was passing at that time, else it could have been fatal,” said Rajesh Agrawal, a local shopkeeper.
“Two similar incidents have taken place in two years – first in December 2019 and second in July earlier this year – within the 2 km stretch of the road,” said an angry Hari Narayan Singh, a resident, blaming civic authorities for laxity and putting lives of people in danger.
Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia visited the spot and took stock of the situation and directed officials to barricade the areas and repair the road soon.
Divisional commissioner Roshan Jacob said the sewage pipeline is being repaired by the private company hired for its maintenance and after their work is over, the PWD will repair the road.

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