LUCKNOW: From a three-yearold child stuck in a lift to a 70year-old patient stranded on the sixteenth floor, residents of the LDA’s Sargam Apartment on Kursi Road faced another nightmare on Wednesday, when there was a blackout for almost four hours.
Already facing scores of maintenance woes, the residents were forced to protest on the campus.
“I returned home from the market with my son and wife and we had to take stairs to reach my apartment on the 15th floor after waiting for one hour on the ground floor.
LDA is playing with our lives. It was a horrendous experience as I ama heart patient and my wife suffers from osteoporosis. The services in our apartment are going from bad to worse,” rued Subhash, a resident.
In a close shave, a child was stuck with his mother for almost 15 minutes in the lift. This was days after four people got trapped inside a lift for about 20 minutes due to a power failure at the neighbouring Smriti Apartment.
“It was suffocating, and it is not the first time that such a harrowing situation arose.
LDA has taken maintenance money from us but all our complaints have fallen on deaf ears,” said Amina, another resident. Avnish, the contractor, said: “I am at it. Power backup will be restored soon. ”

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