LUCKNOW: Nineteen-year-old tigress Kajari that had been an inmate of the city zoo since May 2019 after being shifted from Pilibhit Tiger Reserve and was its oldest big cat passed away in the Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Park late on Sunday. The tigress had been unwell for some time.
After proper examination, it was found that the tigress had lost its ability to see partially and also the sharpness of its teeth due to aging. Therefore, it was ever since kept under observation in the zoo veterinary hospital. The tigress was given special care by serving tender meat and soft bedding in its enclosure.
“After its passing, there are nine tigers left in the zoo. As Kajari died in late hours of the day, the post-mortem on its body will be carried out on Monday after which it will be cremated in the electric crematorium of the zoo,” said Utkarsh Shukla, assistant director and chief veterinarian of the zoo. The average lifespan of a tiger in captivity is about 18 years whereas it is 15 years in forests.

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