LUCKNOW: In yet another incident of dog attack, a 40-year-old woman was seriously injured after being bitten by a pack of dogs in Jankipuram Extension on Friday night. She was admitted to a private hospital from where she was discharged after treatment.
Resident of Shristi apartment Rihanna Asif was on an evening walk along with her father-in-law around 9 pm when the latter got exhausted and sat on a bench on the premises. “I had moved about 200 metres when suddenly a pack of six dogs started barking at me. Terrified, I tried to shoo the dogs away, but one of them attacked me,” Rihanna said and added that soon after she fell down, the entire pack attacked her and started biting her. “A dog nibbled on my toes and tried to pull out a chunk of flesh. Others tried to bite on my thigh and waist,” she said. “Hearing cries, a neighbour along with her father-in-law chased the dogs away and rushed me to the hospital,” she added.

Pack of stray dogs attacks woman in city

Even after 24 hours of the incident, Rihana still refuses to come to the compound out of fear. “Growling of the dogs is still echoing in my ears. Had my neighbor and my father-in-law not come to my resuce I would have died in the attack,” said Rihanna, recalling the incident. Shristi apartment residents accused LMC for being negligent. “Seven such incidents have taken place in just a year,” said Vivek Sharma, a resident. “We don’t allow children to go outside in the compound in the evening,” he added. Locals said that LMC left these dogs after sterilisation in the same area from where they were lifted, making them more aggressive.
Meanwhile, chief veterinary officer, LMC, Abhinav Verma said, “Most of the dogs of the area have been sterilized.. It may be possible that they might have attacked the woman.”
Dr Rajneesh Chandra, a private vet in Aliganj, said, “Often after sterilization a dog needs about 45 days to behave normally. During this period they can turn aggressive. Agencies should take this point into consideration before leaving them.” Besides, he said, people usually give biscuits and breads to stray dogs without knowing that it can trigger electrolyte imbalance in them and make them aggressive. He also pointed out if a dog is suffering from diseases like leptospirosis, listeria or ticks, it can bite people.
“Sometimes people throw stones at dogs. People should be sensitive,” said Preeti, a dog activist.

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