MATHURA: Police on Monday arrested the parents of the 25-year-old woman whose body was found wrapped in plastic and stuffed inside a red trolley bag near Yamuna expressway in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura on Friday.
“The parents of the woman have been arrested. They killed their daughter as she married a man of her choice. Licensed weapon used in the murder has been recovered,” news agency ANI quoted SP City as saying.
The woman had several injury marks on her head, face and other body parts.
A group of labourers waiting for a bus first spotted the suspicious object lying unattended on the lane on the route from Delhi-NCR to Mathura.
Onlookers said that the body had bullet wound in chest On checking, they found blood seeping out from inside.
Those who saw the body claimed that the woman had a bullet injury in the chest, but it wasn’t confirmed by local police.
A senior police officer, privy to the case, had said, “the body had begun to stink and may have been dumped at least eight hours prior to its recovery”.
According to the police, “The woman had a T-shirt and a blue and white plazo with floral design on her. The T-shirt had ‘lazy days’ printed on it. Her height is about 5 feet 2 inches and she had long dark hair. A ‘kalava’ (red sacred thread) and a black thread was tied on the left wrist and she had green nail polish on her feet. A sari was also found, next to her, in the suitcase”.

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