LUCKNOW: The intense cold wave sweeping the state for the past eight days will continue on Tuesday, but a change in the wind pattern is expected to bring some relief in east UP districts on Wednesday.
Temperatures will also go up by a couple of degrees in the western parts of the state, but some areas may witness light rain and thundershowers between Wednesday and Friday. Meanwhile, intense cold conditions continued in UP on Monday, throwing life out of gear.
Rail, road and air traffic were also affected due to dense fog that led to poor visibility till noon. The day was sunny, but icy winds kept the chill alive.
Etawah was the coldest in the state with a minimum temperature of 3 degrees Celsius followed by Kanpur, Muzaffarnagar and Najibabad with 4 degrees Celsius each, Hamirpur 4.2 degrees Celsius and Hardoi 4.5 degrees Celsius.
In Lucknow, the maximum temperature was 14.4 degrees Celsius, about seven units below normal (cold day condition), and the minimum temperature was 4.5 degrees Celsius, 3.3 notches below normal (cold wave condition). On Tuesday, dense to very dense fog is expected in the morning with both cold day and cold wave conditions.
The maximum and minimum temperatures would be around 14 and 5 degrees Celsius respectively. Similar conditions are expected in other parts of the state on Tuesday. According to the state met department, a western disturbance (WD) is expected to affect western Himalayan region from Tuesday night and prevail till Friday.
The WD will cause scattered rain and snow in the hill states, but at the same time also change the current wind pattern in the northwestern plains of the country. “At present, northwesterly icy winds are bringing the chill of the snow-clad mountains to the plains leading to extreme cold conditions both during the day and night, in the city and the state.
However, WD will cut off the flow of these winds. In such a situation, warm easterly winds coming from the Bay of Bengal will fill the gap and dominate the atmosphere from Wednesday till Friday,” said senior scientist at the state met department Mohammad Danish. He added that: “Under the influence of the easterly winds, temperatures will rise by 2-4 degrees Celsius across the state.
The wind chill factor will also reduce considerably due to the abatement of the northwesterly winds. However, the impact of the WD will also be felt in the state. While districts in the eastern part of the state may witness partly cloudy sky, light rain or thundershowers may occur at a few places in the west UP,” he added.
However, another spell of cold wave in the state is expected from SaturdaySunday as the WD will fizzle out by Friday, replacing easterlies with northwesterly winds again

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