VARANASI: The Lal Bahadur Shastri International airport terminal in Varanasi witnessed the anger of air travellers following around 12-hour delay of a flight, on Thursday. The passengers staged a dharna and demonstration to express their protest against the inconvenience caused by the delay.
The Mumbai-bound flight of SpiceJet airlines, which was scheduled to take off at 10:30am, departed at 10:30pm from the airport. However, the airlines officials said that the passengers were informed in advance about the rescheduling of the flight.
According to reports, around 150 passengers reached the airport before 9am to take the flight. The Spice Jet Airlines flight was to take off from Mumbai at 7:45am on Thursday and reach Varanasi airport at 10am. And the same aircraft was to take off from Varanasi airport at 10:30am and reach Mumbai at 12:30pm.
When the flight did not arrive on time, the passengers started making queries from the airline staff. The staff tried their best to pacify the passengers, however, after around 2-3 hours, the passengers started raising slogans and staged a dharna in the main terminal building of the airport.
The passengers alleged that the airlines staff kept reassuring them that the flight was on its way. The airlines staff did not even ask any passenger for breakfast and food. After 10 hours, the plane reached at around 8pm, and took off at 10:30pm after about 12 hours.
However, an official of the airlines said that the flight was rescheduled and the passengers were informed about this change through e-mail and phone. Despite this, some passengers had come to the airport before the time. He also claimed that arrangements were made for their breakfast. Some passengers created ruckus, but they were pacified, he added.

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