LUCKNOW: Inviting the UP diaspora, now settled in Maharashtra, to participate in the Global Investors’ Summit-2023 from February 10-12 in Lucknow, chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday said the residents of the state are now proud of their “UP identity” and flaunt it wherever they go in the country and abroad.
The CM also highlighted the improvement in law and order situation and said that one of his foremost actions after coming to power was to initiate steps for women’s safety, a move due to which women voted for the BJP, irrespective of their caste, religion or ideology. “Prior to 2017, women’s safety was neglected. The law and order situation and the security of women have improved. People now have faith in the government and administration,” Yogi said, addressing a gathering of migrants from UP settled in Mumbai.
“The state government is working hard to develop all sectors and to ensure that benefits of government schemes reach all people without any discrimination,” he said.
“Nobody can accuse us of following a pick and choose policy. We go into elections with an ideology but in government, democracy teaches us to implement all schemes without bias,” the Chief Minister added.
Five years ago, people from UP suffered from ‘identity crisis’ and would not disclose their identity and the name of their native state wherever they went in India or abroad. But now they flaunt their identity with pride,” he said. “Due to our government’s way of functioning, I made history by becoming the only chief minister to return to power with a twothirds majority after completing a full term.
The BJP set a record by getting two consecutive terms in UP after 37 years,” he said. Pitching UP as a state that never shied away from problems, the CM said that during Covid-19 pandemic not only did UP become the only state which did not allow its people to leave the state but also took in 40 lakh migrant workers from other states. “We should be judged on the basis of what we do in times of trouble. You can see how we have changed UP over the past five years,” he said. Highlighting the improvement in law and order situation, the CM said that there had been no riots in the past five years and at a time when the world was struggling with Covid-19, UP was getting investments.
“As a model of law and order, UP recruited more than 1.5 lakh personnel and also ensured modernization of the police force. More than 5 lakh youths have been given government jobs and nobody can accuse us of any wrong doing in the selection process,” Yogi said. “Now, women feel safe, as cognisance is taken for each and every complaint filed by any woman. We saw the results of these actions taken by the government, as during the elections, these women, who are 50% of the total voters, came forward to vote in full force for lotus symbol,” he said. He said people from Mumbai were scared of the name Azamgarh before 2017 as it was known as a hub for crime and criminals.
“Now, it is among the most developing districts in the state as a university and an airport are being built in the district,” he said. Speaking about the ease of doing business in the state, the CM said that through Nivesh Mitra portal, investments of Rs 4 lakh crore had already come into UP. “I had set up an anti-land mafia task force which managed to free 64,000 acre land from criminals. Most of the land for the defence corridor has been taken from here. The state has a sufficient land bank. UP has the most massive network of MSMEs. There are 96 lakh units and through the ODOP scheme, we saw exports worth Rs 1.6 lakh crore.
UP has also ended the misconception of being at a disadvantage from being a land locked state by starting to use our rivers as waterways,” the CM said. He spoke about the 25 sectoral policies and said that there were massive opportunities for investment in sectors like dairy, pharma, electric vehicles etc. “Under the MSME policy, no licence is needed for the first 1,000 days,” he said. The Chief Minister also elaborated on the improvements in connectivity, detailing the number of highways, expressways, airports, rapid rail systems etc that have been developed in Uttar Pradesh in the past five years or are in the process of being developed.

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