LUCKNOW: If you are planning to organize a Christmas and New Year party, seek permission from the district magistrate office or you could land into jail for up to six months and have to pay a monetary penalty of Rs 20,000.
On Friday, DM Surya Pal Gangwar issued a statement, “Managers of hotels, resorts, restaurants, clubs, pubs, parks and other places who are planning to organize parties for Christmas and New Year will have to seek permission for the event from district administration. The law would also be applicable for any other event or occasion in the city.”
To obtain prior permission, event organizer/manager/property owner has to apply for the same through the Niveshmitra portal 30 days before the event. Since the entire process is online for DM’s permission, the certificates of fire-safety, electrical-safety, peace, security and other certificates have to be obtained from various departments before uploading on the portal. In case, if anyone faces trouble while applying for permission online, then the event organizer, manager can contact the DM office in room number-40A.

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