LUCKNOW: A smog tower in Uttar Pradesh’s Siddharthnagar is making waves besides a bit of difference.
A brainchild of Dilip Tripathi, the village pradhan of Hasudi Ausanpur in Siddharthnagar in his second term, the tower functional since November 12 has already begun to show discernible results.


Earlier, the pollution data for the village available on central pollution control board app showed PM10 concentration at 437 against the normal range of 100, PM2.5 concentration at 218 against the permissible limit of 60, SO2 at 93 against the limit of 80, NO2 at 115 against limit of 80 and carbon monoxide
However, after the tower became functional, the test report by a third party of the sample on November 14 showed PM10 coming down to 58.6, PM2.5 at 28.4, SO2 at 21.4, NO2 at 18.9 and Carbon monoxide at
The tower which has the capacity to process 9,00,000 cubic metres of air every day will provide clean air within the radius of 500 metre. Tripathi tells TOI that his village has a population of 1,024 people and is spread to around 300 metres from each side. According to him, the tower would provide free air to every villager of Hasudi Ausanpur. He said that the carbon from the tower will be purchased by the Kolkata company, which has installed the tower, at the rate of Rs 63 per kilogram. The tower is expected to collect over 8 quintals of carbon, Tripathi said.

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