KANPUR: Samajwadi Party MLA Irfan Solanki’s property worth about Rs 150 crore will be confiscated under the Gangster Act.
Police sources revealed that apart from Kanpur, the SP MLA and his aides own property worth billions in metro cities like Mumbai.
“The list of unaccounted properties has also come to fore,” sources said, adding, “Most of the properties has been detected at the local level, which are in the name of MLA’s associates, their relatives, acquaintances and family members.
Many other properties are also being investigated.”“The KMC and KDA have handed over the list of properties of about Rs 45 crore of Solanki and his close ones to the police. The police have till date identified assets worth about Rs 150 crore. These properties have been made by earnings through criminal activities.
Final valuation of the properties is under progress. Action will be taken to confiscate all these properties,” said joint commissioner of police Anand Prakash Tiwari. Meanwhile, he reviewed six other cases registered against the MLA and his associates. The investigators were ordered to file chargesheets in all the cases by February 10. After this, the police are all set to take action.

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