GODHRA/LUCKNOW: The Ram Mandir being constructed in Ayodhya is a tribute to the ‘Ram bhakts’ who sacrificed their lives 20 years ago, said Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath during a road show in Godhra in support of BJP candidate Chandra Singh Raul on Tuesday.
“Remember the day 20 years ago when ‘Ram bhakts’ sacrificed their lives for the sake of Ram temple in Ayodhya. Now, as a result of PM Modi’s glorious leadership as the architect of New India, a grand temple is being constructed in Ayodhya. It’s a tribute to both India’s faith and Godhra’s ‘Ram bhakts’,” he said with the song “Mandir ab banne laga hai, bhagwa rang sajne laga hai ”, reverberating the air.
Godhra, an assembly seat in Panchmahal district, was rocked by communal violence in 2002 when a train carrying Hindu pilgrims from Ayodhya was set on fire, killing 57 of them. On Tuesday, the area saw a massive surge of people as Yogi recalled the Godhra incident.
BJP’s win in Godhra must be unique: CM
Yogi was greeted with slogans, yellow flowers, saffron balloons and caps. At the outset of the roadshow, Adityanath paid floral tributes at the statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. “Godhra is a land of transformation. So, the BJP’s winning is not enough, the victory must be unique,” Yogi said.
Yogi greeted people with ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and said the holy Shaktipeeth Pavagadh in this district was a symbol of the faith of ‘Sanatan Hindu Dharma’. Extending gratitude to the people of Godhra for the massive roadshow, Yogi said Gujarat has moved forward from adverse circumstances and has given leadership to the country.
“During the Congress regime, terrorist attacks used to take place every day,” he said. The crowd, which consisted of workers and locals, including women, stood on rooftops, vehicles and walls to catch a glimpse of Yogi. Some of them were busy recording the road show on their mobile phones. Yogi too greeted everyone with a smile.

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