LUCKNOW: “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” said don Vito Corleone in Mario Puzo’s “The Godfather“. Shiva Yadav alias Shamsher, now 50, literally lived the message for 15 years and delivered it to his archenemy Ram Jeewan Lodhi, 51, on December 1 – encased in three brass cartridges. Lodhi died on the way to hospital.
The chilling tale of a humiliation and hurt suffered in another decade and the ensuing vendetta unfolded with Shamsher’s arrest and confession on Saturday.
Lodhi was a block development council member and an MNREGA worker Gurdeen Khera in Kakori, on the outskirts of the state capital. Yadav is a contractor and provides labourers to construction companies. They were neighbours and their paths crossed several ways; an enmity was the logical motive for the police until Shamsher spilled the beans – almost readily and with a sense of relief.
What ended in Lodhi’s gruesome murder on Thursday evening had started in the fall of 2007.
Additional DCP West Chiranjeev Nath Sinha told TOI that Shamsher’s family was humiliated in full public view after a dispute with the Lodhis over a land dispute in 2007. “We were told by the locals that his mother and wife were stripped and paraded in public by Lodhi as a young Shamsher, then 26, watched helplessly,” said the officer. Lodhi wanted to teach Shamsher a lesson for raising his voice.
Shamsher had then decided that he would avenge the insult once his son was 15 and able to look after the family.
While Shamsher’s own family – his mother and wife – chose to move on, he burned with rage and planned things meticulously.
As his son turned 15 this November, Shamsher moved to put his plan into practice.
“I had arranged two country-made pistols from Nepal and bought ammunition earlier this year. Learning to shoot without attracting suspicion was difficult. But I took my own sweet time,” Shamsher told police. According to cops, he wandered into desolate places and perfected his aim.
He said he conducted a recce of Lodhi’s movements and followed him for months. Cornering him at Chaudhary Mohalla ward close to Sharda Canal on the fateful day was easy for Shamsher as he had gone through it many times.
According to police, Shamsher shot Lodhi thrice on Thursday but not before reminding him of the hurt he had suffered at the latter’s hand.
Police were appalled to know about the confession as neither his wife nor his minor son were aware of the plot.

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