LUCKNOW: The UP government led by Yogi Adityanath will collaborate with Singapore to make the state orderly and clean, announced urban development minister AK Sharma during the Singapore partner country session at the UP Global Investors Summit held on Friday in Lucknow.
Stating that Indians, particularly people from UP, have played a major role in building what Singapore is today, Sharma said, “People of our UP made Singapore. Now, it is the responsibility of Singapore to beautify UP.”
A team from UP led by Jal Shakti minister Swatantra Dev Singh had visited Singapore between December 15 and 19 and signed about 20 MoUs worth Rs 28,000 crore. All these investors attended the session on Friday and discussed opportunities to work in UP. Seeking collaboration from Singapore to make UP cities, including the state capital, clean and green, Sharma in his keynote address said, “There are two things I admire most about Singapore. One is the work culture with no dilutions, and the other is cleanliness. We wish to replicate both in our state. We look forward to cooperation on these fronts.”
Sharma said, “We have the same culture, but in terms of size, Lucknow and Singapore are similar. We have collaborated with Singapore in areas like waste management and water treatment. MoUs have been signed in many areas including urban infrastructure, industrial corridor, IT-electronics, logistics, start-ups, data centres and ethanol-sugar industry. In larger areas, we have a lot to learn from Singapore in the construction of industrial infrastructure and high-rise buildings.”
Singapore’s airport traffic management, education system, peak hour traffic and IT manpower is something that UP aspires to imbibe, Sharma said. Not only big cities like Noida, Greater Noida, every other city of UP also has to be made well organized and modern on the lines of Singapore, he added.
Singapore’s high commissioner Simon Wong lauded UP CM Yogi Adityanath for caring for his people. Wong said, “Our investment in India is worth 120 billion dollars. But, most of the investment is in the southern states. In July last year, we came to know that the UP government is going to hold the GIS, so we met the CM and expressed interest to become the first partner country.” “Yogiji’s image has enhanced our confidence in building a healthy relationship with UP,” Wong added.

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