LUCKNOW: A number of sports activities were organised on the Darbar Day of Colvin Taluqdars’ College on Friday.
Padma Shri Dr Bairam Bhargava and former director general, ICMR was the chief guest while Pankaj Kumar Singh, director general, BSF was the guest of honour during the programme. Both are alumni of the college.
The college was established in 1889 by Auckland Colvin with the motive to provide education to the sons of court and taluqdars. In the initial years, the elephants used to drill while the students used to participate in horse riding competitions. The day was organized in an imperial way, and it is because of this that it is regarded as the ‘Darbar Day’ till date.
Senior and junior students participated in several races while the pre-primary kids performed a butterfly and kung-fu drill.
Senior kids also imitated the soldiers and depicted the hard work put in by them. However, the major attraction of the programme was the three-legged race by former students of the college and the tug-o-war between the students and the alumni. The former students won the tug-o-war which was however far from unique as the alumni wins it every year without fail.
Taxila House turned out to be the ultimate winner of the day and won the cock house trophy.

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