PRAYAGRAJ: The annual Magh Mela set to begin from January 6, 2023 will have three vending zones named after the three rivers — Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati— that constitute the Sangam.
The vending zones will have temporary shops of different sizes and based on the zone and size, earnest money and rent have been fixed by the authorities.
There will be three sizes of shops– 135 sqft, 120 sqft and 81 sqft. The earnest money needed to be deposited for getting the allotment of a shop in any of three vending zones would be Rs 40,000 for the shop measuring 135 sqft.
Similarly, the earnest money for shop measuring 120 sqft would be Rs 35000 and Rs 25,000 for the one measuring 81 sqft.
Shops measuring 135 sqft and 81 sqft would be allotted in the vending zones Ganga and Yamuna and those measuring 135 sqft and 120 sqft would be allotted in Saraswati zone.
According to the conditions, only snacks and fast food can be sold in the shops.
“The cleaning arrangements have to be made by the shopkeeper concerned and single use polythene and plastic will not be used. A fine of Rs 5,000 will have to be paid for violating the conditions laid out for the allotment of shop by the Magh Mela authority,” said Magh Mela adhikari and Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA) vice chairman Arvind Singh Chauhan.
Meanwhile, the preparation of roads leading to different temporary ghats of Magh Mela has been expedited. On the issue of land allotment, priests associated with the Prayagwal Sabha have been allotted 100 bighas of land at Gangoli Shivala in sector 4. More than 900 priests are to be allotted 800 bighas of land in the fair.
In another important decision, the rosters for the officials on duty to redress the grievances of the institutions have been finalised by Chauhan.
According to the roster, additional mela adhikari Dayanand Prasad will ensure disposal of applications on Monday. Likewise, SDMs Vivek Chaturvedi would address the grievances on Tuesday, Sant Kumar on Wednesday, Renu Singh on Thursday, Ashutosh Rai on Friday and Surendra Pal on Saturday.

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