LUCKNOW: The state government has no objection to universities and colleges holding student union elections as and when required, UP minister for higher education Yogendra Upadhyay said in the Assembly on Tuesday.
Upadhyay’s statement came in response to the allegation by Atul Pradhan, SP MLA from Sardhana, that universities and colleges were not conducting student union elections since “the state government was not allowing it”. “Whenever I meet VCs or principals of universities/colleges regarding student union elections, they say that they do not have permission from the state government to hold student union elections,” Pradhan said while speaking on the floor of the Assembly.
Pradhan cited how various political movements, including the JP movement which upstaged the Congress government in the past, had the key element of student politics and said student unions were the nursery of politics but the “state government has placed a ban on it.”
SP MLA Manoj Pandey also asked Upadhyay if his department was willing to ask universities to hold student union elections where demands for the same are being raised.
Upadhyay said the state government had no role in conducting student union elections. He said his department would take action against the VCs and principals who claimed they were facing pressure from the state government. He said the universities and colleges were free to conduct student union elections as per the recommendations of the JM Lyngdoh committee (2006).
He said the universities were required to conduct student union elections within 6-7 weeks from the start of the new academic session. He said the state government had communicated to the universities at least thrice since 2016 that it had no objections to student union elections.

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