LUCKNOW: The state government, in its bid to promote ecotourism, is planning UP’s first glass skywalk at Chitrakoot‘s Tulsi waterfall.
Chitrakoot has many claims to fame. Apart from being the abode of Lord Rama for 11.5 years of his 14-year long exile and an important centre of religious tourism today, the place also had many dynasties rule over it that enriched the region with man-made things. Also, it is the place where nature was always bountiful. So, the UP Forest Corporation (UPFC) has proposed making the glass skywalk bridge over the waterfall in Markundi range of the Chitrakoot forest division. It was initially called Shabri waterfall. This year, the state government changed its name to Tulsi waterfall. The site has at least three streams of water falling through the rocks and over a height of some 40 feet in a wide waterbed and further down to finally vanish into the jungle. As people walk over the bridge, the sound of the water falling on the rocks and the sight will be something to behold. The glass skywalk might also give a view of the forest underneath it.

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