AGRA: A highway robber, Ajay Sharma, who was on the run for 17 years and was staying at a village temple in Hapur by disguising himself as a sadhu has been arrested by Mathura police. Ajay and three others were booked for robbing passengers travelling in a car on Agra-Delhi highway in 2005, reports Deepak Lavania.
The other three were arrested soon after the crime but Ajay managed to escape. He then changed his name to Brahmagiri Maharaj, shaved his beard and tonsured his head to hide his identity. His luck ran out on Tuesday when his brother Arun informed police about the hiding place, following a fight between the two over sharing of parental property.
Ajay, originally a resident of Ghaziabad, is now 54 years old. After he absconded, police announced a reward of Rs 25,000 for any information leading to his arrest. Police said a case of murder and rioting was pending against him in Jaipur.

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