LUCKNOW: For Geeta Devi, it was like giving birth to her son again. She saved the life of her 21-year-old son, Sachin, who was suffering from end-stage chronic kidney disease by donating one of her kidneys to him.
After a life-saving surgery at KGMU on Saturday, doctors said that both the woman and her son are now stable.
Sachin, a resident of Hardoi, who works in a private company, was admitted to KGMU about two months ago after he complained of fatigue, abdominal pain, fluid retention, edema in extremities and shortness of breath. He was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease as both his kidneys had shrunk for some unknown reason.
Geeta was shocked when she came to know about her son’s condition and immediately agreed to donating her kidney when doctors said only a transplant could save his life. Fortunately, tests also confirmed that it’s a perfect match.
A team of doctors, including Professor SN Shankhwar, head of the department of urology, Professor Vishwajit Singh and Dr Vivek Singh, faculty at the department of nephrology, performed a six-hour long surgery on Saturday and transplanted the kidney. About 50 staff members were deployed for surgery.
“Both the donor and the recipient are in the ICU for monitoring. It will take 15 days to know if the recipient’s body has accepted the organ,” Professor Shankhwar said. This was the second kidney transplant at KGMU in a month.

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