LUCKNOW: Attending physical hearings in courts will soon be a thing of the past for dreaded gangsters and mafia lodged in different jails of Uttar Pradesh.
Having ensured that the dreaded criminals are behind the bars, the Yogi Adityanath government is now making arrangements to hold their trials through video conferencing from inside the jail itself, a government spokesperson said.
He said that emphasizing on the need for an additional video conferencing room each in 72 jails and 73 courts of Uttar Pradesh for conducting appearance and trial of criminals under judicial remand, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed officials to expedite the construction of the facility.
Issuing the directives, the CM highlighted the need for seamless connectivity in video conferencing rooms with the installation of 5G network, arguing that manual presentation of gangsters in courts was an expensive affair, which also requires a lot of police force.
“Besides, gangsters get an opportunity to meet their gang members and hatch conspiracies. Improving the connectivity of video conferencing will ensure that there is no problem during remand and trial,” he said.
“Separate budget should be allocated for video conferencing system, so that the system can be upgraded from time to time,” Yogi said.
The CM had recently flagged off the state-of-the-art modern prison vans equipped with CCTVs, panic button and better security measures to ensure safety of policemen and monitor activities of criminals inside van.
Director general, prisons, Anand Kumar said, “There are 72 operational jails in the state, out of which 62 are district jails and seven central jails, besides one Nari Bandi Niketan, Adarsh Jail and Kishor Sadan each. The remand and trial proceedings of undertrial prisoners are held in 73 courts of the state.”
Kumar said that at present all jails and courts have one cell each for remand through video conferencing, but due to high number of prisoners, the entire day is spent in hearing remand cases.
“Therefore, a letter was written to the government seeking construction of an additional video conferencing room in all jails and courts of UP,” he said.
He added that at present only remand proceedings were carried out through video conferencing.
Kumar said the incidents of escape of undertrial prisoners would also be curbed with trials through video conferencing.
“It will also stop cases of criminals issuing threats to witnesses and conspiring to carry out crimes with the help of other criminals,” he said.

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