Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav has fielded his wife & former MP Dimple Yadav from the family borough of Mainpuri, which went vacant due to Mulayam Singh Yadav’s demise. During an interaction with TOI’s Subodh Ghildiyal Akhilesh said BJP is dividing people and doing regressive politics by avoiding discussion on development and governance, and that differences in the Yadav clan are over for good
Are you working hard in your pocketborough because of Azamgarh and Rampur LS bypolls defeats?
It is a solitary by-election, that too in my home. I could not have fought the election sitting in Lucknow. I am at home to contest the election of my home. Why should BJP have an objection to that? SP will get a thumping win in Mainpuri.
This election is in the absence of ‘netaji’ (Mulayam), and natives of Mainpuri have always supported him, and they will vote for his politics of brotherhood. Azamgarh was different. If you use police and administration, and don’t let the people vote, then what will happen? That is their strategy.
Is it worrying that the BJP candidate is a follower of your uncle (chacha) Shivpal Yadav?
The fight is against the Yogi (Adityanath) government and BJP; the candidate is inconsequential. BJP looks at the candidate’s caste. If there is a party that is totally casteist, caste-centric, which decides the maximum on the basis of caste, that is BJP. If there are roads, bridges, power supply here, it is because of ‘netaji’. BJP should talk about what it has done.
Actually, they don’t do any work here because they say it is SP’s area. I brought the Sainik School here, but then no budget was allocated (by BJP) and it has not started. The engineering college is incomplete, medical university’s budget has been slashed. What have you given to Mainpuri under the ‘One District, One Product’ scheme? But BJP is avoiding these discussions.
The big story is the coming together of you and your estranged chachaji…
As ‘netaji’ is not here and it is his election, people wanted all of us to unite. Our personal relationship as uncle-nephew was never vitiated.
There was some distancing in politics because of some reason. But that is over now. Now, CM Adityanath is angry with us. Why should the CM be angry? They want that there should be differences in the family, that members fight and do not sit together.
In public meetings, you allege BJP is trying to divide the backward castes…
BJP divides people, spreads hatred. BJP does a politics that does not require budget. We construct roads, give jobs, start ambulance service… all that requires budget.
But BJP takes actions that don’t require finances. Like spreading hatred, doing yoga, nationalism. The reality is BJP raises issues which don’t require budget, they only require scheming.
You have alleged misuse of machinery in Mainpuri?
There is a PDF doing the rounds on WhatsApp about who are being posted on (election) duty. In chacha-ji’s constituency Jaswantnagar, four officials who were Yadav, Muslim, backward, that BJP thought were partial to SP, have been sent on leave. And the administration is planning who is to be posted where.
There must be a nodal officer in Lucknow who is doing this. But this will not make a difference.

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